Olympic-style Karate Program focuses on body efficiency to generate incredible speed and power in strikes, sweeps/throws, taught by World-Class Instructors.
Separate classes for kids ages 6-12 and Teens/Adults ages 12+.

Focusing on technique over sheer muscle power, our Carlson Gracie BJJ Program will make you sweat while challenging you mentally and physically.
Nothing Given, Only Earned.

Put up a good fight with boxing classes at Valor Martial Arts. Pro MMA Fighter Coach Aurtan Daley can help everyone from beginner to Pro Fighter become more proficient.

Sweat away those extra pounds in our fun Cardio Kickboxing and Beachbody Fitness classes. Our experienced fitness coaches will help you reach your goals in these fun exercise programs.

Train With the Masters at Valor Martial Arts

Get in shape and improve your martial arts skills with our programs and classes

Would you like to train with some of the top martial arts competitors in the United States? Do you want to shed a few extra pounds? Get professional training at Valor Martial Arts. Whether you want to compete, get in shape, make friends or learn self-defense, our gym is the place for you.

Learn the art of martial arts with our professional instructors

Here at Valor Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of martial arts and fitness instruction. Taught by elite instructors – who are still actively training, growing and competing in their areas of expertise – with classes like Shotokan karate, Brazilian jiujitsu, boxing, and fitness classes such as Cardio Kickboxing and Beachbody's PiYo, there are options for are for nearly every age group and fitness level. Remember, being challenged in life is inevitable. But, being defeated is optional!

Don't be one of the majority who looks at their goals from a distance and never goes for them. Be a 'Person of Action' and commit to your own happiness! We are here to help you.

3 reasons to train with the professionals at Valor Martial Arts

  1. Our professional instructors are highly experienced both in coaching and in competition and are 100% focused on helping you reach your goals.
  2. We offer lessons for those of all ages and skill levels. The classes are molded to fit the needs of each student.
  3. We focus on proper technique and body mechanics to help improve strength, self-esteem and fitness levels in the safest way possible.

Shape up your body and sharpen your skills at Valor Martial Arts. Call 269-888-2282 now to sign up for one of our classes.

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